Now that Halloween is over, it’s socially acceptable to deck the halls with all of your Christmas decorations. Whether you’re waiting until after Thanksgiving to get everything put up or you’ve already started the process, one of the staples has to be a beautiful holiday wreath. You can have it for the door, over the fireplace, or any other area of your house. Live wreaths are very easy to put together giving your home a classic and elegant touch that you can recycle at the end of each season. Here are a few of the best evergreens that you can use to make your wreaths.

  • Douglas Fir: This is one of the most common trees to use for live Christmas trees. Because of this, they make beautiful wreaths that match the rest of the Christmas decor. It holds its needles much longer than other evergreens. As you work with the branches to create the wreath you’ll notice how easy the needles lay down while still looking voluminous.
  • White Pine: Similar to the Douglas Fir, the white pine is another household favorite. The needles are finer, but that makes them look and feel much smoother than others. It’s actually very ideal for a household with young children too because of how soft the needles are.
  • Red Twig Dogwood: If you want something a little less traditional, but still Christmasy, the red twig dogwood is a perfect choice. This beautiful wreath doesn’t have any needles, but the vibrant red color will definitely mix well with your decor. You can even add in a few leaves and berries for decoration.
evergreen holiday wreath with red bow

Don’t have time or patience to make your own wreath?

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