Fall is officially here, which means it’s the perfect time to fill your porch or steps with gorgeous oranges, reds, yellows, and other fall colors. With the summer flowers gone for the season, your home might be looking a little plain. Whether you’re planning on selling your home during the season or want to spice it up a little bit, fall plant decorations are the perfect way to go! Pumpkins are optional for your decor, but they can be a great finishing touch. Here are a few of our favorite fall plants to use for decorating!

Chrysanthemums: These are commonly referred to as mums. They’re a beautiful addition to any fall decor because of the wide range of colors that come in such a yellow, orange, red, and white.

Goldenrod: This is a beautiful yellow plant that can be featured by itself or as an accent behind other plants.

Colorful flowers growing in garden

Stonecrop: This succulent is one of the best plants. It can handle extremes such as a frosty winter, strong winds, and full sunlight. The ideal temperature is hot and humid temperatures with moderate moisture, but it’s also a plant you can have all year round. The vibrant green will fit in perfectly with your fall decorations.

Purple & Yellow Flowers

Helenium: This flower is a close cousin of the daisy, and the flower can get confused with a mum. This flower is great for a busy lifestyle, where you may forget to water your plants. It has beautiful colors, often reminding people of the sunset, with rich oranges, yellows, and reds.

Pansy: This flower comes in a range of colors blending in perfectly with your decor. It’s another relatively low maintenance flower.

Bonus Tip!

Adding in fun decor can make your decorations stick out among the rest. At Wojton’s Nursery, we have a gift shop full of decorations, figurines, knick-knacks, and more to spruce up your house. From pumpkin decorations to full wreaths, we’ve got you covered this holiday season!