Who does not love being on top of the current trends? Whether it be with music, fashion, or lingo, knowing what is hot and what is not is always a great feeling. The same can be said when it comes to keeping up with garden trends for your landscaping. When it comes to your next garden project, you should be choosing something that is with the times.

Not sure what exactly is in with gardening trends? No worries, as we here at Wojton’s Nursery are here to provide you with some that might pique your interest. Here are three summer garden trends to possibly add to your property.

Keep Sustainability in Mind

As a growing practice in many households beyond gardening, trying to lower your carbon footprint is a great summer garden trend to have in mind. This can be done in style, as there are plenty of ways to achieve this with your garden. From drought-resistant plants to lower water usage, you will find that not only will your landscape look great, but you will also be supporting your local environment.

Go Upward With Vertical Gardening

Spreading out your floral life horizontally is the staple way to go about it. That is why switching to a vertical aspect this year will be an easy enough change that will also be impactful on your garden. This look can be done in both homes and apartments where space is at a minimum, so you will feel like you are truly maximizing what you are working with. A little goes a long way here, so do not be afraid to start moving on up with your flowers.

Save the Bees

Along with sustainable practices, the movement for saving the bees has been a trend that has gained even more momentum. A great way to support bees is by planting floral life that supports pollination. Whether it be daisies or honeysuckles, your garden this year can be a welcome beacon for these honey producers in an effort to keep their population from dwindling.

No matter what summer garden trend speaks to you the most, just know that Wojton’s Nursery is here to provide you with exceptional service and materials to help you achieve it. To get in touch with us about your project, head over to our contact page.