vegetable garden trends

What better way to bask in the warm rays of summer than by keeping up your garden! And while it is important that you make your garden how you want it to be, sometimes it is nice to keep up with trends and find inspiration when needed. With summer right around the corner, our team here at Wojton’s Nursery wanted to keep you up to date with the current garden fads so your floral escape is not behind the times. Here are just a few gardening trends to keep in mind when getting ready to work on your garden for summer 2023. 

Be Sustainable While Planting

With the concept of sustainability becoming a heavy emphasis for many, there are ways for you to do so within the confines of your garden. Because of droughts and the greenhouse effect, choosing plants that mitigate these are a fun and easy way to help the environment around you. Choose flowers that do not require as much water as other options that can withstand a possible drought while also choosing locally sourced materials. 

Get Some Herbs Going

For those who have ever grown their own vegetables for the kitchen, you probably already know just how much of a difference there is in quality compared to produce from the store. You can now add this even easier plant group to the mix with your very own herb garden. Whether it be fresh grown basil or mint, create your very own spice cabinet on your property. 

Save Some Money by Being Prudent

While not the most expensive hobby compared to others, there are still plenty of ways to spend a bit when it comes to gardening. With this meant to be a relaxing hobby, you can find solace in the fact that gardening can be affordable if you manage it right. Use household landfill to your advantage as ways to keep the garden going or work together with neighbors to cultivate a beautiful floralscape together!

Adding just one of these amazing gardening trends to your property will add a significant amount of depth. If you are in need of any materials or assistance with these endeavors, please head over to our contact page to get in touch with us!