Hanging plants are a wonderful addition to any home, whether you have a garden outside or not. Not only are they a great way to decorate the room or outdoor area, but they can be beneficial for your health and well being. Generally, hanging plants are pretty easy to care for making them a pretty popular choice. Since they’re a live plant, so need to consider protecting the room from the dirt and water coming off the plant. You have to consider the weight of the plant on how to water it correctly, and more! Here’s how you can have any hanging plant you want in your home.

How much will the plant weigh?

One issue people often run into is how much the plant weighs. Between the plant, wet soil, and the pot itself it can be pretty heavy. The hooks you use need to be able to handle the weight of the pot itself. When you’re looking for a place to add hooks to the ceiling make sure you figure out where the stud or ceiling joint is. That stud with a strong enough hook will be able to handle the weight of the hanging plant even after a fresh watering. Don’t just add a hook anywhere in the ceiling or your plant is going to fall.

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How do I protect my floors and furniture?

With plants, there’s going to be dirt and water to help the plant thrive. The best way to protect what’s underneath the plant is to have a pot within a pot or attaching a tray to the pot.

How To Care For Hanging Plants 2

A pot within a pot is an easy setup. The main pot will have the plant in it with the necessary draining holes at the bottom for the water. It will go inside a larger, decorative pot that is solid. This is also a convenient way to turn any plant hanging. Depending on the pots used, the second pot will add weight to the hook.

The attached tray can come with some hanging pots already. This tray is attached by a wire or cord. It’s designed to catch the water that drips down from the drain holes. The biggest issue is that these trays can often be too small and if you accidentally add a little too much water it will overflow the tray getting muddy water all over whatever you have underneath.

potted hanging ferns

How much water should I use?

While plants need water to survive, they can be very fickle with how much they get. Gardens are easier to work with because there’s plenty of ground for the water to disperse. In a hanging plant, especially one that’s a pot in a pot you have to be mindful about how much you’re putting in. The best way to tell is to make sure the soil is moist. It should not be soaked unless you know that a particular plant is extremely thirsty and soaks up water quickly. Over time you’ll be able to figure out how much water is the perfect amount for each plant. We recommend using the same watering each time you water. This will help you gauge how much you’re adding to your plants.

If you have any questions or concerns about your plants give us a call!