Having a garden is extremely beneficial, not only for sprucing up the area, but it can also give you fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices without worrying about going to the store. Looking through magazines or online you see these large, sprawling, landscapes filled with bright flowers or delicious fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, having a large garden is just not a reality for everyone. Likewise, you may not want a large garden taking up a lot of space in your yard. Whether you’re living in a home with a smaller yard, you want to use plant boxes, or you just want to liven up a smaller area, you can still have an impressive garden! Here’s how you can work with the smaller spaces you have to create the perfect garden:

Leave A Little Space: It’s very easy to get a little over-zealous when you get the planting bug. You see a spot so you place another plant in the area just to fill in the emptiness. As tempting as it is to fill up every available spot with plants, it could end up being way too claustrophobic when the plants are fully grown. You don’t want to feel like you’re living in a jungle, especially when you’re working with a small area already.

Small garden on a balcony of a block house at the European city. Vegetables and herbs growing in plant boxes and flower pots.

Work With Layers: A great way to fill in the space making it feel more full. Start with plants that are going to be taller all the way in the back, then the medium plants, and finally the small ground covered plants. Layering not only fills it in but you’ll be able to see every one of the plants easily.

Work With All Of The Space: You’re not limited to just the grounds. Vines are ideal for filling in space along the walls and the fence. Be mindful of keeping up with the maintenance of the vines though. They can get out of hand kind of quickly or be a “garden thug” if left to their own devices.

Go Vertically: If vines aren’t your style you can still have a vertical garden! Create or attach plant boxes up the wall. This is the perfect solution if you’re very limited with space. You can have a variety of plants without taking up a lot of space.

Hanging Baskets Pink Calibrachoa Flower Starts Coco-fiber Liner