Do you think that watering the garden, cleaning the lawn furniture, and washing the car are a pain?  Maybe it is time for a change.  Check out the Radius Butterfly!

This spray nozzle is more than just a versatile nozzle with 9 different spray patterns.  It is also easy on the hands with its ergonomic design and handy thumb controlled on/off button that takes away that painful constant trigger squeezing to keep the water flowing.  Plus, it is fun to use with its flip out wings that instantly turns it into a sprinkler!

With a simple twist you can turn it from a powerful stream that can reach your second floor windows or blast dirt off your car, to a gentle spray to water your flowers – and seven more settings in between.  Then with a flip out of the wings, you can put it on the ground and it becomes a sprinkler… covering up to 870 sq feet!

Think of it… Going out to do the watering and grabbing your trusty Butterfly.  You blast the dirt off your car with the powerful stream, then rinse off the soap with the a gentle but powerful spray.  Off to rinse off the second floor windows with that powerful blast.  While in the garden, you flip to the intermediate spray and get the plants in the back as you adjust the spray to gentle and do the delicate flowers in the front.  Now flip out the wings, put it in the middle of your lawn, turn it on, and it becomes a lawn sprinkler!  (Then go inside, put on your bathing suit, and run through the spray with your kids!)