Most people assume that all lawn care services are the same, but that’s far from the case. Basic lawn care services often provide minimum lawn maintenance services like mowing and trimming. Full-service landscaping includes all aspects of lawn care.

Benefits Of Full-Service Landscaping

When it comes to landscape upkeep, choosing the right landscaping design and plant design services is essential. While there are often various options to choose from, choosing a full-service landscaping service company with a solid reputation is the best choice.


It may not seem possible to save money when you hire a company to provide full-service landscaping services, but think about it this way—how much would you spend on equipment and supplies if you were designing and maintaining your lawn? Using different contractors for different aspects of your lawn care can get expensive and with a recurring lawn maintenance service agreement, there could be savings available to you that wouldn’t be provided on a single-project basis.

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Your savings won’t only be financial, but also timely. Trying to coordinate multiple contractors can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. A full-service company will take care of everything for you, from designing the project to installing the final product and continuous maintenance after everything has been constructed.

Expert advice and guidance

A professional landscaping and construction company will have years of experience in designing and building landscapes. They can help you choose plants and materials that will best suit your needs and tastes. Most landscaping companies also have trusted suppliers that offer deals that normal DIYers wouldn’t be made aware of. A professional full-service landscaper can also expertly advise what plants are best for your home taking into account your soil type, how much sun certain areas of your yard receive during certain points of the day, why planting palm trees in a location that regularly experiences 7 months of cold and snow is a bad idea, and how to use native plants to create a stunning display while also being environmentally friendly. Whatever your planting, Wojton’s Nursery’s professionals can help you realize them. We have wide knowledge of plants, climate zones, growing strategies, and more to ensure your landscaping thrives through all seasons. We also offer full-service landscaping services to save you the hassle and guarantee everything is done professionally for best results.

Staying in the Know

When using separate landscape companies, each newly hired company needs to go through a timely process of learning about the customer’s landscape history, needs, wants, and watering schedules to name a few details. Choosing a full-service landscaping company means you won’t have to explain yourself a million times. Your chosen company will know your yard from the beginning and be able to nurse it as weather and seasons change. Much like how your family doctor who has been caring for your extended family for generations knows your family history without the paperwork.

Full-Service Landscaping

Professional results

You probably know the basics of lawn care, but do you know how to bring a struggling yard back from the brink, save your garden from a pest infestation, or get your grass through a drought without hiking up your water bills? When a professional landscaper handles the job, you can rest assured your lawn will remain healthy and attractive, creating the curb appeal you’ve always wanted and raising your homes’ property value. A well cared for landscaped garden or yard is often a high selling point and sets a great first impression for prospective buyers when you’re ready to sell.