No matter what the season is, you can still have an amazing garden! With summer in the rearview mirror, we can shift our focus to having an optimal garden for the fall weather. Even with the drop in temperature, there are plenty of ways to keep your property looking vibrant! Adding these fall plants is an easy way to do so.

Chrysanthemums, or “mums,” are a classic fall flower known for their vibrant colors and longevity. They come in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, orange, and purple, and are often used in fall decorations such as wreaths and centerpieces.

Asters are another popular fall flower, known for their delicate, daisy-like blooms. They come in a range of colors, from pink and purple to blue and white, and are often used as cut flowers or in garden borders.

Finally, pumpkins are a staple of fall decor, with their bright orange color and round shape. They are often used in jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween, but can also be used as a centerpiece or in other fall-themed displays.

With this fall plants, your garden will be looking like it is still summer. For all your floral needs, choose Wojton’s Nursery! To find out more about what we offer, head over to our contact page!