Like spring, fall is the second most important season for lawn preparation in the year, offering a ‘last call’ to enjoy your yard and show off some beautiful landscaping before everything gets snowed over and frozen. Follow our tips for fall landscaping, then visit Wojton’s Nursery for all the plants, trees, and professional landscaping and hardscaping help you could ever need!


September, October, and November are great months to prepare your own for the upcoming deep winter freeze. With cooler temperatures and more moisture, it’s important to prepare your lawn for current conditions and for what’s to come. At a minimum, feed your lawn with a winterizer fertilizer and reseed the lawn. Ideally, however, you should aerate, thatch, and over-seed. Keep in mind that the time for overseeing is much shorter in fall than in spring. Because of that, over-seeding and reseeding can wait until spring, but if you must do it in fall do it as early as possible.

unseeded lawn comparison


Cooler temperatures and increased rain help root development and reduces the initial shock of planting, which makes fall the perfect time for new transplants. Trees, shrubs, and plants have more time to grow before hot, dry months have a chance to stunt their growth. Not to mention, a fresh transplant lets you decorate your yard for now and enjoy it later. We offer a wide assortment of plants that work great to highlight fall foliage and give off Halloween vibes that brighten the whole neighborhood with spooky flair. Add in some pumpkins from our nursery to complete the decor or carve out jack-o-lanterns for the porch!


With an end to their growth period, fall is the ideal time to trim up shrubs and trees, especially evergreens that will become loaded with snow in the months ahead. Remember, this is more like a maintenance haircut and not a complete style change. Radical pruning such as full removal of the shrug to the ground should wait until spring to prevent new, soft growth that will freeze and die in winter. Unsure of when to prune? Leave it to us for hassle-free property management and landscaping!